Meme-Ahoy for Balloon Boy!


While we, like most people connected to the Internet, were gripped with Balloon Boy fever this afternoon, we thought writing about it until we learned of his fate would be in poor taste. But now that we know 6-year old Falcon Heene was always safely hanging out in a box in the attic, let the internet meme-ing begin in earnest.

While I could type up a bunch of “words” about Twitter’s role in the whole thing, and you could “read” about all the online video news coverage, you should just watch a video those talented folks at CollegeHumor whipped up imagining what kind of scolding balloon boy got (best line refers to the last-minute Halloween costume idea the situation will spawn).



It’s looking like this was just a big hoax. The little boy slipped during an interview with Wolf Blitzer and said that the parents told him to hide.

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