How to Add Android Apps to the ARCHOS Internet Tablet


android-marketSometimes it’s easy to overlook the obvious. Take, for example, the various app stores out there. Generally speaking, people are going to hit up the app store for their platform, find what they need and then install it. While it’s nice to have one centralized place to get software for a device, we get conditioned to think that it’s the only place to find software. After all, that’s the point of the app stores — ease of use and one stop shopping. Last night, one of our readers was disappointed with his ARCHOS Internet Tablet because it doesn’t use the Android Market. I’d like to see that get changed in the future, but for now, that’s the way it is. TaxMan wanted to add Pandora to his ARCHOS, but without an app store, he’s out of luck. Or is he?

While ARCHOS offers it’s own place to find Android software, that doesn’t mean other Android software can’t be installed. It is an Android device, right? I tweeted the URL of the Pandora installation for Android over to TaxMan and it worked just fine. He’s now a happy camper. I don’t know what other apps he and the rest of the ARCHOS owners are looking for, but were I in their shoes, I’d be hitting websites for my fave apps to see if they can be downloaded outside of the Market. In checking for a few, I saw direct download links — or the ability to have them emailed to you from the developer — for Documents To Go and Advanced Task Manager to name a few.

Sure there’s going to be a ton of apps that are only in the Android Market, simply because the developer doesn’t want to manage the payment process and because they get far better exposure there. But it’s worth checking, or even asking the developer directly, to see if you can purchase or install an app outside of the Market. Like I alluded to: this is a bit of an obvious (and limited) solution, but sometimes you find those hiding in plain sight.



Very frustrated. Most of the info I am coming across is dated a year ago… I have had my archos since xmas and STILL don’t have pandora up and running…

any one have an up-to-date link with a working .apk?


I am considering to buy an archos 7. My primary use of it would be to use it as a reader for pdf documents. And specifically pdf documents from arxiv (a preprint site for scientific papers).

I have been told that the provided pdf reader doesn’t work properly with arxiv so I would have to purchase documents to go.

But I would like to know how well it works with the documents of arxiv. Please, could any of you try them and tell me?

Thanks a lot.

ces angeles

You should be wary about downloading apps direct from the developer especially if tech support is practically nil. I paid for the full version as well as the maintenance program for Documents to Go from DataViz. After I reformatted the phone and reinstalled, thats when my problems started. I could not activate as my re-download was always the free version and I was always being prompted to buy the full version. I was amazed to find that DataViz has no email address for tech support. See it for yourself and you’ll know what I mean. Very disappointing.

Steve 'Chippy' Paine

One word of warning on searching for ‘apk’ Android files. There are tons of apk files upoaded to free download sites but you never can tell if they are originals. Please only go through the original application developers sites for APK files.

James Kendrick

I ran into this Pandora situation on the HTC Hero if you recall, so it can even hit devices with the Android Market. The direct download was the solution to that problem, too, and it drives home to me that this ability to bypass the Market is a huge advantage Android has over the iPhone. Huge.


Thanks for sending me Pandora. I’m enjoying the heck out of that. I tried hitting up and it said that my device wasn’t supported. I googled for other places to download pandora.apk and the version I got would install but not run properly. Then, I got your version and it worked like a charm. Since the Archos tablet has different screen size and lacks some of the features of an Android phone, it’s a bit of a hit or miss as to whether the apps will run or function properly on the device. It’s definitely not as consumer-friendly as say an iPod and iTunes. It’s a lot like running Linux on a desktop instead of Windows or OS X. It’s a powerful device but you have to put your geek on to find the goodies. Thanks for posting some Archos love on JKOTR!

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