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Climate-Security Connection: National security fears loom large for politicians who might otherwise oppose carbon legislation. That’s why John Kerry, rather than Barbara Boxer, has become the face of the Senate climate bill and why environmentalists are hitching up with veterans groups. — TNR’s The Vine

Redox Flow Batteries for EVs: “Researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT…are developing improved redox flow batteries for automotive applications in an attempt to address storage capacity and charging time limitations of current Li-ion battery solutions for electric vehicles.” — Green Car Congress

PG&E Signs Up for More Solar: California utility PG&E (s PCG) today announced that it has contracted with NextLight Renewable Power subsidiary Agua Caliente Solar for 290 MW of solar power from a project in California’s Antelope Valley. — Press Release

China’s Carbon Capture Potential: “A new study by researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory says China is blessed by geology—it has loads of places to stick carbon emissions underground, enough to store a century’s worth of emissions at least….But just because China can store the stuff doesn’t mean it will.” — WSJ’s Environmental Capital

Solar Group Stance on Offshore Drilling Stirs Backlash: The Florida Solar Energy Industries Association’s support for offshore oil and gas drilling as a means of generating revenue for renewables has spurred a backlash from group members who see it as a “deal with the devil.” — NYT’s Green Inc.

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