Blog Action Day 2009: Climate Change


bad-125-125Today is Blog Action Day. Held on Oct. 15 every year, it’s an event that unites thousands of bloggers worldwide, highlighting a particular issue. This year’s theme is climate change.

As web workers, most of us don’t face the same daily commute that our cubicle-dwelling colleagues do, and it’s easy to think that we’re already “doing our bit” for climate change (although there is some debate as to whether web workers are truly green). Reducing transportation is great, but there’s still much more that you can do. Today is an opportunity to brainstorm some ways to reduce the resources you consume and the carbon emissions you’re responsible for.

We’ll be providing some tips for reducing your impact on the environment today, but we’ve already published quite a lot of posts on the topics of sustainability and reducing energy consumption for web workers. Here are some highlights:

If you’re interested in technology and the environment, you should read our sister blog, Earth2Tech.

What steps are you taking to minimize your environmental impact?



Global warming is environment religion, it has nothing to with science. The priests of global warming cannot explain the historical periods of warming and cooling. If there is any correlation between CO2 and global temperatures, it is negative and does not support the global warming thesis. The major factor effecting temperatures on earth is the output of the sun, which varies and we cannot predict this variations with much precision. Sun spot activity was up in the 90s and this was the cause of the increase in temperatures. Sun spot has been down this decade which is why average temperatures are down this decade.

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