Michael Dell Says Phone Coming In 2010; May Use Platforms Beyond Android

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Credit: Tricia Duryee

CEO Michael Dell confirmed the computer-maker will be launching a smartphone in the U.S. based on the Android operating system next year, although he did not address rumors that it will be available AT&T. “Mobility is absolutely the theme,” he said during his appearance today at FiReGlobal in Seattle today.

That applies to their PCs, too. Dell said the only reason people buy desktops today is if you are concerned about price or power. Otherwise, laptops dominate. As for the cheaper, emerging mini-laptops, like netbooks, he doesn’t see them becoming very big. “I think it’s leveling off at 12 to 15 percent of the market. I would be surprised if it went massively higher.” Dell said even though it’s nice because they are light-weight and portable, the screens are too tiny. “I think there is some disenchantment and user dissatisfaction….After 36 hours, you say the screen is too small.”

Even though the screens are even smaller on smartphones, Dell is launching a phone with China Mobile based on a variance of the Android OS. Dell said: “That

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American companies only care about enriching the stockholders. Anything they do for community is purely marketing. The United States Gov’t gives companies tax incentive to offshore. There is no loyalty to America. It’s about money and that’s it. The American consumer, generally, only cares about quality and price.

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