Broadband Content Bits: Spotify Downloads, Myvideorights, 4iP Funding

Spotify downloads: Promised since March, the streaming music app has streamlined its click-to-buy option, which had earlier been accessible via right-click menus. Now, clicking “buy” lets users, in four of Spotify’s six countries, buy eight million 320Kbps MP3s for download within the app, courtesy of 7digital’s API. Purchased tracks can even be played from within Spotify. This will likely remain a slither of Spotify consumption, though.

Myvideorights: Web TV rights agency Myvideorights is to use Videoplaza’s Monetizer ad server platform to manage video ad inventory, target campaigns, track and place ads in videos.

4iP: Channel 4’s new media investment wing has joined with Screen West Midlands and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport in funding the cr of a national school sports website. The trio have chosen AllTeam UK to launch a site on a 14-week pilot basis covering the West Midlands — but if that’s successful DCMS will commission it to build database of all school sports teams results in the country.