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iphone-3gTime for our Wednesday feature that highlights some of the latest iPhone news! I pointed out last night that the new iMovie video format could be implemented on the current iPhone 3GS with a software upgrade. The hardware is capable of recording in the new 960 x 540 format and could help differentiate the iPhone from its competitors even more — at least until they were to follow and adopt it where possible. Any thoughts on that possibility or am I off my rocker? Actually, an answer  to just the first part is adequate. ;)

Another big news nugget surfacing is that new iPhone handsets appear a little more impervious to jailbreaking. I’ve thought about doing the jailbreak thing, but never gave it a go. I’m sure it’s a relatively painless process, but I couldn’t afford to lose my phone. We’ve cut our landline several months ago. In any case, it appears that Apple has temporarily gained the upper hand on the jailbreak community. But I think the key word is “temporary.” More importantly, the size of this community and the scope of what it can do ought to be sending a message about openness to Cupertino. In the future, I suspect that consumer sentiments are going to be a drag on closed ecosystems like Apple’s.

Music lovers that own an iPhone or iPod Touch — probably a fairly large group — ought to be happy with the radio rumors floating about. Word has it that Apple is working on an FM Radio application that can run in the background, just like iTunes. Of course, it’s expected that song tagging for later or instant purchase in the iTunes Music Store will be part of the package. That’s a feature offered by Microsoft’s Zune HD, so it brings a little more parity on that front. If it comes to pass, that is. I can’t see why it wouldn’t because like the higher resolution video recording capability, the hardware can support a radio application. I’d use the app if it’s offered, but I’ll skip the song tagging. I left iTunes for music years ago for Amazon’s MP3 store and I’m even leaving iTunes to manage and sync music, too.



If the results of Apple’s closed ecosystem are evidence of drag I’ll take twice the drag they’re suffering from and be ecstatically happy! :-)

Kevin C. Tofel

I totally get your point — well said! :) I’m just trying to think ahead. Android is a bit more open and gaining momentum. And I’m starting to see folks leave the iPhone platform and migrate to Android for that very reason. It’s not a widespread exodus of course, but I’m wondering if this is an early sign of things to come.


Jailbreake, not so nice, too many issues, but did enjoy the video recording, but that was not enough to stay on the dark side.

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