Google Wave Firefox Extension Helps Manage the Tide of Information



Many early reviews of Google Wave show it to be a noisy environment — waves of content and interaction crashing all around. I’ve kept my usage of it to a minimum by standing near the shore, so I haven’t experienced the riptides just yet. And no, I don’t have any invites to give just yet. ;) Firefox users can better surf the waves with a free Google Wave Notifier extension, written by Chad Smith. Once installed, it monitors your Google Wave account for recent activity, displays the number of unread updates and takes you to them with a right-click. That should keep folks safer in the deep end of the wave pool.

(via Lifehacker)


Frustrated Consumer

So will the Wave notifier send a Tweet when I get a Tweet on my Wave or…wait…can I send a tweet to my Wave and have it change my Facebook status when the Wave needs attention…or wait…oh, heck, nevermind…

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