CBS’ Quincy Smith Returns to NewTeeVee Live

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Quincy Smith at the first NewTeeVee Live

Quincy Smith at the first NewTeeVee Live

told us

In some respects, the story of Smith’s tenure at CBS has been defined in opposition to Hulu — NBC and News Corp (and now Disney’s) online TV portal. Since Smith last spoke at NewTeeVee Live, Hulu launched. CBS declined to join and Smith continually talked crap about the competing site (though he also praised it at times). CBS made its own Hulu on, Hulu got mad and pulled its content. Comcast and other MSOs figured they should launch their own authenticated Hulus, and CBS signed up. But then Smith said the agreement was just a trial and it might take till 2014 for TV Everywhere to reach critical mass.

Needless to say, we have a lot to catch up on. And so we’re excited to announce that at this year’s NewTeeVee Live on Nov. 12 in San Francisco, Smith will be joining our founder Om Malik on stage for what’s sure to be a fun chat. Want to come to NewTeeVee Live? Buy your ticket now at a special rate of $395 through Friday. Our line-up this year is stellar, with stars like Reed Hastings of Netflix, Amy Banse of Comcast, Hunter Walk of YouTube, the YouTube star Ryan Higa, and our Next Big Thing contingent of the most promising startups in the space. Hope to see you there!

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