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Barnes & Noble Reader Deets Appear

BN reader
Courtesy Gizmodo

I am now officially pumped about the leaked Barnes & Noble (s bks) e-book reader. It is beginning to look a lot like the Kindle (s amzn) with an important difference — a little touch screen at the bottom that can facilitate buying books right on the reader, or serving as a touch keyboard when needed.

The photos of the reader show a 6-inch e-Ink screen for reading, with a second touch screen at the bottom of the device. This is a significant departure from designs we’ve seen from other companies, and could be game changing. This touch screen is powered off when reading books, meaning no power drain at all when not needed. Yet it can add tremendous functionality when it is used. This is very smart. Hopefully we’ll know soon if the event scheduled turns into a product announcement. I know I want one of these really badly, if it’s as pictured.

That touch screen could play a huge role in functionality if previous rumors that this reader is powered by Android (s goog).

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