Stealth Web Startup Palaran Raises $1 Million In Funding From True Ventures

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Credit: WebProNews

Palaran, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based web startup, has raised $1 million worth of a $1.8 million first round of funding, per an SEC filing. True Ventures led the round; Palaran’s undisclosed round of angel funding came from Esther Dyson, Del.ici.ous founder Joshua Schacter and *Yahoo* alum Vish Makhijani, among others.

Founder and CEO Amit Kumar (pictured) confirmed the funding, but declined to provide more color on what the startup will actually do. Kumar is also a former *Yahoo* vet; he helped create SearchMonkey, the company’s third-party developer platform. He left Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) last year to serve as VP of product management at semantic ads and content engine Dapper.

1 Comment

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