Inks Deals With Majors; Streaming Service To Launch ‘Before Thanksgiving’ is finally launching its streaming music service … The music blog network said it succeeded in getting all four of the majors to buy in to its business plan, and the service will go live with a base of over five million tracks within the next few weeks. CEO David Hyman said the browser-based desktop service will launch “some time before Thanksgiving,” with iPhone and Blackberry apps in the works. The subscription is $5 per month for unlimited access; users will be able to test it out for free.

MOG raised $5 million in funding in August. Hyman told us then that the company was still in negotiations with Universal, *Sony*, Warner, EMI, and a number of indie labels. I asked him whether there had been an overall shift in the talks — particularly with Pandora and Rhapsody’s mobile apps doing so well — but he would only say that MOG had taken “as small a margin as humanly possible” to be able to get the service launched, and to generate interest from a majority of users from the onset.

“We’ll be able to make money because we have a hybrid model. Our ad business is growing very fast,” Hyman said, speaking about MOG’s blog network. Launched in 2005, Hyman said its network of 700+ blogs attracts over 9.5 million monthly uniques. Partner blogs will get free access to the streaming service to help promote it. It will also have social features, like the ability to see what friends are streaming in real-time, as well as playlist creation and music discovery tools.

As far as what will help MOG’s streaming player to stand out from the pack, Hyman said it was the “all-you-can-eat” access at a low price point. “There aren’t any of the restrictions that you have to deal with on a free radio service like Pandora, and yet you get unlimited access to what amounts to a whole iTunes library for $5 per month,” he said. He added that the company was already starting to work on distribution deals with the ISPs and mobile carriers.