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Digg Looks To Expand CPC Program Into Its Own Ad Net

News sharing site Digg is taking a step toward creating an ad network that will include outside websites, Adweek reports. It’s a next step up from the cost-per-click program Digg instituted this summer, when the site interspersed ads among the streams of story posts. Like its posts, users were also allowed to vote on the ads, while marketers would be charged according to the popularity of their spot. This is also Digg’s first big advertising move since hiring Federated Media co-founder and publisher Chas Edwards as its chief revenue officer in May.

Digg’s ad network is designed to capitalize on quick bursts of traffic some posts get. At the same time, Edwards tells Adweek’s Brian Morrissey, it should help addressing the problem that the sites who benefit from those spikes by offering an alternative to remnant ad networks. In addition, Digg expects the ad net to get another boost by adding a self-serve platform to draw a wider base of advertisers.

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