Video Walkthrough: Getting Serious With Quick Search Box


I was playing around with Google Quick Search Box (s goog) recently and was really surprised by all the functionality it provides. Once I got it fully set up with plugins and services, I realized it can give me just about everything I used to rely on Quicksilver for.

Quicksilver has really become the default interface for my Mac, so I’ve been wary about losing options by switching to something more stable and future proofed, but after seeing what QSB has to offer, I’m sold.


While QSB seems to be focused on searching for things locally and online, its plugin options give it the opportunity to extend its reach far beyond searching. Already there are plugins available for running Shell and AppleScripts, browsing your Delicious bookmarks, and accessing services, with lots more on the way.

Demo Time

I thought it might be fun to show you some of these features in action so I threw together a quick little screencast.

While I’d like to see some better integration of custom services (I can’t seem to get my homemade services to show up as action items within QSB — perhaps I’m just doing it wrong), I remain really optimistic about where this is all going. With the future development of Quicksilver up in the air, and with a ton of functionality already available with QSB, I think now is the time to make the switch.

If you have your own favorite plugin or service or additional tips for getting serious with QSB, please share them in the comments.