New Moblin Netbook Image Adds Support for 3G, Bluetooth and More



Adventurous netbook owners have a new download waiting for them. The latest Moblin preview image, v2.1, is available and ready to roll. I’ve downloaded it, but haven’t yet burned the Live Image to a CD for use on my Toshiba NB205. I plan to have a look at it later today, mainly due to the new features:

“The Moblin v2.1 release for netbooks and nettops includes many community and customer requested enhancements; for example, support for additional nettop screen resolutions, myzone improvements, IM improvements, better language support, updated kernel, Moblin Garage, Moblin Application Installer, 3G data support, and Bluetooth.”

Since I use my netbook on the go, I want to test out the 3G data support. And the Moblin Garage — that place where all of the apps for Mobile are parked — warrants a second look as well. This image is just a preview of what’s to come, though. The Moblin team expects to release a stable version before the end of the year. It’s worth mentioning that the tested platforms for this version is reasonably extensive. Moblin v2.1 has been tested for compatibility on these netbooks: Acer AspireOne; Asus eeePC 901; 1005ha; 1008ha; Dell Mini 9; 10, and 10v, MSI Wind; Toshiba NB205; and Samsung NC10. The download is yours for the taking right here.



I’d love to know if you ever got this working. I have yet to find a version of Linux that will give me sound through the speakers, and decent wireless. I got tired of constantly losing my connection and put Windows back on it, but it’s killing my soul.


Its all about the wireless card you use. On an MSI wind, you can replace the mini wifi adapter with something compatible…make sure you pick one where people say “works with moblin out of the box great!” ;-) If you have a wind, try replacing with a tried and true Intel 3945 A/B/G.. You’ll have far better luck.

Neil Thompson


I would take that compatibility list with a pinch of salt if I were you.

I installed the “final” build of Moblin v2 on my MSI Wind last week and found that wifi, something that had previously worked, no longer did. This is a problem shared by a number of users in the forum.

This despite the fact that the MSI Wind is on the compatibility list.

However, the trackpad now works so I guess you win some, you lose some!

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