iMovie Update Unveils New iFrame Video Format

An update from Apple (s AAPL) for its iMovie software released today revealed a new video format the company has been developing.

CNET discovered this gem and reported the following:

Dubbed iFrame, the new video format is based on industry standard technologies like H.264 video and AAC audio. As expected with H.264, iFrame produces much smaller file sizes than traditional video formats, while maintaining its high-quality video. Of course, the smaller file size increases import speed and helps with editing video files.

Wrapped in the iMovie 8.0.5 update is compatibility with camcorders that support iFrame, of which there are currently two: Sanyo’s VPC-HD2000A and VPC-FH1A.

Apple has certainly been taking online video in new directions lately. In addition to this fledgling new format, the folks in Cupertino caused an explosion of mobile video with their iPhone 3GS, have developed their own adaptive bitrate HTTP streaming, and taken easy-to-use consumer video to stupidly small new levels with the recent release of the iPod Nano with a built-in video camera.

That’s great Apple is developing a new format and all,
but you’d think they could have come up with a more original name than the already taken iframe.