Huzzah! Google Adds Shared Folders to Google Docs


If you rely on Google Docs (s goog) for collaboration with colleagues, the new shared folders feature, announced by Google yesterday, should make life a lot easier for you. It enables you to share collections of documents with co-workers — documentation for an entire project, for example — rather than having to share each document in turn. Removing sharing privileges is then just as fast.

The new feature works as you would expect — put the documents you want to share into a folder, then hit the “Share this folder” link to invite your colleagues to share the entire folder, just as you can with individual docs. Google has provided full instructions on how to use the feature here, but it’s really very straightforward.

GDocs Share Folder

As Google notes, this is the most-requested change to Google Docs, and although it’s been a little while coming, this upgrade is a welcome one.

What do you think of the new Share Folders feature?



HAHA! I was just looking for a way for someone to send me a bunch of docs too big for their email. This will be much easier than setting up an FTP!

Scott Blitstein

This is one of the most welcome updates to docs they have pushed in a while. Not that sharing individual docs is difficult but this is a tremendous process improvement, and very nicely implemented.


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