Streaming Service Grooveshark Signs Licensing Deal With EMI

Streaming music service Grooveshark has signed a licensing agreement with EMI, six months after being sued by the music label, AllThingsD reports. In June, EMI sued Grooveshark, which offers free ad-supported streaming and claims one million registered users. Grooveshark countered at the time by saying that the two parties had been negotiating a licensing deal and and that EMI was using the suit as a “negotiating tool” and “intimidation tactic.”

As part of the agreement, Grooveshark now has the green light to access EMI content. In a statement, an EMI executive says, “We think services like Grooveshark offer great music discovery options for fans. In turn, Grooveshark offers a new revenue stream for our artists and will help us learn more about how we can better connect different types of fans with artists.