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No Laughing Matter: An IIM-A Alum Aspires To Create India’s Onion

Angelina Jolie reads his website when Brad Pitt bores her. And Pitt, in turn, reads the site to keep his wife happy. Meet Paagal Patrakar (mad journalist, inadequately translated), hitherto known only by this pseudonym, who has built a humour blog he started to tide over a bad patch, into a growing digital brand. is his imaginary take on news and events, broadly modelled on The Onion, and it’s quite a hit among readers, with some of his posts going viral.

A sampling of recent headlines:

One Response to “No Laughing Matter: An IIM-A Alum Aspires To Create India’s Onion”

  1. Pratyush

    Interesting. I didn't know about existence of this site but checked it out after reading this report. It surely is nicely designed and the content is rather funny. I guess there have been bloggers in India who have tried to write like The Onion, but none of them could really take their attempt beyond blogging. Would be interesting to watch how this one grows. All I can do at this moment is to wish the best to the guy!