Rewind: And Combined: Not Exactly Burning The Charts

Rewind: I published this last week on the combined and Worth a second look as Bloomberg wins the bidding.

Oct 8: So whether BusinessWeek goes to Bloomberg, or the ZelnickMedia consortium (with Thomson Reuters (NSDQ: TRIN) behind it), none of them will be huge online. We have been looking at some traffic numbers for August this year from Nielsen and *comScore*, and both rank outside the top 10 biz/finance sites online:

— Nielsen: ranks it number 11, with about 3.5 million uniques a month, right below, which has about 3.6 million uniques.
— comScore: also number 11 with about 3.4 million uniques, with lower at number 13, with 2.3 million uniques.

Whichever numbers you believe, even a combined BW+Bloomberg online will be nowhere near the giant in the space. Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) Finance is averaging about 25 million uniques a month, according to both data firms. Or catch up to, which not surprisingly had a big drop in traffic over last year (Nielsen: down 23 percent; comScore: down 28 percent), in their sub-category.

Meanwhile, Thomson Reuters’ sites, which include and various regional sites, has a big variance in numbers from Nielsen (7.4 million uniques, down 19 percent from last year) to comScore (NSDQ: SCOR) (4.72 million uniques, down 6 percent from last year). None of this takes duplicate reach into effect.

Of course, in terms of revenues, is probably tiny since it really serves as an extension of the terminal, and also likely is smaller than’s revenues. Meanwhile,’s revenues itself have been out of whack with expenses, as reported before. If the two did combine, it will really have to be about efficiencies of cost, not scale at this point.