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This Week: Q3 in Review

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One of the most popular research offerings at GigaOM Pro is our Quarterly Wrap-ups. Offered across our five focus areas (NewNet, Mobile, Connected Consumer, Green IT and Infrastructure), our Wrap-ups provide investors, product managers, marketers and entrepreneurs with a synthesis of all the latest trends in their sector no more than two weeks after the close of the quarter. For those trying to keep pace with all the changes across their sectors, they are the perfect one-stop research document.

This week starts off with the NewNet Quarterly Wrap-up, in which we look at the big trends in the real-time and social web. But that’s just the start — we’ll be publishing a new wrap-up every day this week. So, if you’re a GigaOM Pro subscriber interested in staying on top of your sector, get a hold of one of our Quarterly Wrap-ups today.

  • NewNet: In Q3, NewNet Focus Turns to Business Models and Search
  • Connected Consumer: As Q4 Begins, Online Video Is Now Mainstream
  • Mobile: Growing Mobile Data Use Turned Up Heat on Carriers in Q3
  • Green IT: In Q3, Uncle Sam Was the Green IT King Maker
  • Infrastructure: Coming Soon!