The Party Line — Phone Buzz of the Day


Here are some of today’s phone conversations I enjoyed reading or viewing on the web, along with some brief thoughts:

eco_atm_01Green ATM takes phone deposits (The Register) — I’ve traded in cell phones for cash in the past, but always through online and snail-mail methods. Nebraskans get to use the Eco ATM which went into service last month. Simply deposit your old phone in the machine, which scans it for model and condition, and in return you get… gift cards. Well, you can also get a credit towards the furniture store where the Eco ATM is currently installed too, but it’s going to take a whole bunch of old phones for that Barcalounger.

Tats for your handset (the::unwired) — The title really says it all, but I’ll explain. The new HTC Tattoo, an Android phone, can be customized with tattoo covers. 12 Euros lets you pick from the pre-made tats, while another 3 Euros and this site lets you create your own.

sidekickSome Sidekick data is found (InfoWorld) — I haven’t read any official reports on successful data recovery at Sidekick HQ, but there are some reports of missing Sidekick data miraculously appearing on handsets. Those that are getting data back are copying contacts to SIM cards. Folks said that a few device resets restored data, but I’m scratching my head over that one — if the data is missing from the server, where would it be coming from? In any case, I hope that some type of offsite archive is found for these poor folks.



I read yesterday that most data is stored on a backup tape but since the SAN was down they could not copy it back.
Maybe they have new hardware and are now able to restore from the tape.

Website mainly in German


Good thing that T-Mobile is giving those sidekick owners 100.00 for the lost of data; well even if they give you 100.00 it’s still not good since you have lost all your data. I guess they are trying to make it right. I keep my Storm synced to all my laptops using Google Sync so if something went wrong, I always have one of the computers to restore it. ;) I also do this with Windows Live Sync for my laptops.

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