How Easy is it To Switch CDMA Phones on a Regular Basis?

Samsung Moment™ PhoneI’m actually posing this question out to you folks because I’ve never had more than one active CDMA device in the past. See, I’m thinking about having two on the same plan. Oh, I know they can’t both be active at the same time and I also know that there’s no physical way to activate one in lieu of the other on a given day. After all, there’s no SIM card in most CDMA phones. But I have heard that both Sprint and Verizon offer an online portal for phone activations. And I’ve also heard that the portal can be used to swap phones on the same account as needed. Do we have any readers that switch CDMA devices on a near daily basis? I’m looking for any tips or gotchas in this area.

Oh, why am I looking into this? Glad you asked! When I saw that the HTC Hero for Sprint was $479 with no contract, I got to thinking about how I don’t have a current Android device to work with. I do have Om’s old G1 but I don’t have a SIM card nor a T-Mobile account to use it as a phone. I mainly keep it around to try different Android software or features. But it’s a little long in the tooth when compared to the newer, faster Android handsets. Plus I have a devil of a time typing on the keyboard — the backlit keys nearly match the bronze key colors and it drives me batty! So, since I have an Everything Data Sprint plan for my Palm Pre, I thought it might be feasible to buy a new Android handset and use the same plan. Both the Hero and the Samsung Moment require the same Everything Data plan as my Pre, so there’s no plan difference. So does anyone have experience with this situation?


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