Ooyala Raises $10M, Disses Competitors

Ooyala, which we just named to our NewTeeVee’s Next Big Thing list tonight, has raised $10 million in Series C funding in a round lead by Rembrandt Venture Partners and including previous investor Sierra Ventures. The Mountain View Calif.-based video platform startup has now raised a total of $20 million.

Ooyala, which recently hired CEO Jay Fulcher, said it has more than 500 customers delivering hundreds of millions of streams per month, and it plans to expand into Europe next, as well as onto the iPhone (s AAPL) and Android (s GOOG) and Microsoft (s MSFT) Silverlight.

Alongside its funding, the company released a fact-sheet to the press with some fighting words about its competition. See below — ouch!

Q. Who are your biggest competitors?

A. The incumbent solutions we compete against most often are the homegrown
implementations of video. There are over 10,000 of these in the top 100,000 Quantcast
sites. Outside of that, we believe that Brightcove is next closest competitor.

Q. What do you think of the recent acquisition of the Feedroom by KIT Digital? What do you
think the OVP landscape will look like by the end of 2010?

A. Like so many companies in the OVP space that were started in the late 90s or earlier part
of this decade, the Feedroom stopped building technology and focused on building
custom video solutions, which is not a business that can easily scale. As a result, their
revenues were stunted and ultimately absorbed by KIT Digital. For 2010, I think many of
the small providers like Delve Networks, Episodic.com, Twistage will fall by the way-side.
Companies that already have some level of success but not very much technology, like
Fliqz and Multicast, will be consolidated into a company that primarily provides
professional services. Depending on what Brightcove’s investors plan to do, they may
also be taken out in the next 6-12 months.