NewTeeVee’s Next Big Thing List for 2009



HQ: Sunnyvale, Calif.

Founding date: 1987
Funding: Undisclosed amount from investors including NTT DoCoMo and Telefonica
Employees: Under 100

It may be odd that an old-school company is coming up with one of our “next big things,” but maybe the next big thing has just finally caught up with it. As millions of video choices make their way to your TV set, the pushing of up, down, left and right buttons through an on-screen grid just won’t cut it. To that end, GestureTek creates software that translates your body’s movements into controls for your TV. Think: that neat-o Minority Report computer, or swiping on your iPhone on steroids; just raise and wave your hands to increase the volume or change the channel. A new world of teevee requires a new way to control it and gesture-based controls are changing the way we think about how we interact with our devices. (C.A.)



Life sure would be simpler if there was 1 breakout winner… after years of Tivo doing my thinking it’s hard to remember which shows are hulu or netflix or network sites or… sigh. I know it’s the content providers all wanting their cut and afraid of change but I can still whine can’t i? :)

Todd Havens

Great list, Liz!

A company I hope you’ll also eyeball for future lists like this is Retrofit Films, digital production company, directors of the recent Sprint/NBC Heroes “tagged media” integrated web series campaign who also produced and directed the teaser web series for The CW’s Vampire Diaries and the animated web series for the The CW’s Smallville entitled Kara & The Chronicles of Krypton, among many others.

We’ve worked pretty closely with the major networks and studios to date, although we wouldn’t say that’s our only niche.


Len Feldman

I’d also include Kaltura. They appear to be the leading open source video management platform, at least in the U.S., and they’re getting a lot of design wins. They integrate well with Drupal and WordPress, and the price for the software starts at zero.

Scott Bowman

I just got an invite to and think it’s the most impressive new site I’ve seen since Hulu. The interface is beautiful and it makes it extremely easy to find shows all over the Web.

Whit Scott

I also wanted to comment on Clicker, they’re not making content, but they’re making content a whole lot easier to find.



the technology for both Sunday Night Football on and is the same. Inlet powers both. infrastructure may vary, but both begin as HD signal.


Boxee has what 1000 or 2000 users? total?? it gets way more hype than it deserves. bittorrent 2.0… with a lot less users. this thing will flash out.


So these are the guys we have to thank for the crappy

The Philies game was unwatchable today. I already submitted my refund request. Every playoff game is nothing but constant buffering. Today during the 7th inning the video went out! These guys should watch Sunday Night Football on to see how it’s done.

The few minutes that the SNF player was on one 1 bar it was superior to Postseason’s player on 4 bars. 95% of the time I was able to watch the SNF game in HD.

Max Haot

Quite surprised that this list doesn’t include any credible Live Streaming player ! Let’s look back next year :)

David Elliot

Actually I know that Ooyala does live streaming – they have been doing a lot lately with the Vans surfing competitions and and some MMA fights

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