NewTeeVee’s Next Big Thing List for 2009


HQ: Burbank, Calif.
Founding date: 2006
Funding: Undisclosed amount from Modell Ventures
Employees: 30

You’ve got your 1080p high-definition TV and your growing Blu-ray disc collection — but even the prettiest picture is still shown in only two dimensions. What if you could immerse yourself in glorious 3-D? A far cry from the flimsy old red-and-green cardboard shades, 3-D is bigger, better and more eye-popping than ever. No longer just about hands reaching out from the screen to “grab” you, 3-D is about creating an entire visual world so that you feel like you’re in the scene you’re watching. 3ality (pronounced “three-ality”) Digital puts the work of its online video clients in the coveted third dimension by providing services for throughout the production process. From camera setups to image processing to broadcast software and hardware solutions, 3-D is all the company does. 3ality already has some 3-D successes under its belt, including the U23D movie, the first live broadcast of an NFL game (where the technology really shines, in our humble opinion) and the first scripted television show, Chuck, shot entirely in live-action 3-D. Watching TV in 3-D promises to literally change the way we look at television. (Written by Chris Albrecht)

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