NewTeeVee’s Next Big Thing List for 2009

Despite tackling a diverse set of web video projects, from encoding to monetization to content production, the 10 companies chosen for our “NewTeeVee’s Next Big Thing” list all have one thing in common: They are rapidly gaining traction in emerging and increasingly important aspects of the business. And so we’ve put our trust in them to see into the future. At NewTeeVee Live, our third-annual conference on Nov. 12 in San Francisco, each company from the list will offer one prediction about the future of video. Taken together, their forecasts will provide a layered and thorough look at where we’re all headed.

The 10 companies we’ve chosen for this honor affirm our conviction that online video has a promising future as a business. Join us at NewTeeVee Live to hear what they have to say in person — tickets are available now. In the meantime, here (in alphabetical order) are our picks. If you think we’ve left someone particularly deserving out (and we undoubtedly have given that our limit was 10), please tell us in the comments.

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