Easy Projects.NET Adds Interactive Gantt Charts

Easy Projects.NET, a project management web app that Darrell liked when he reviewed it a couple of months ago, has added improved Gantt charting functionality. The new full-screen “Interactive Gantt” interface is reminiscent of desktop PM apps like Microsoft Project and should make it easier to track project progress. It should also make it much faster to create and edit tasks on the fly, with drag-and-drop task scheduling, resource planning and activity assignments.

It’s good to see a web app vendor taking a step in this direction and making its tool more suitable for “serious” PM work. Most project management web apps don’t have decent Gantt charting; it’s one of the reasons why I still prefer Microsoft Project for planning, and why many project management professionals say that most PM web apps are not really project management tools at all.

Gantt chartIf you’d like to try Easy Projects.NET Interactive Gantt charts, a 15-day free trial is available.

Have you tried Easy Projects.NET? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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