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Utilities, Startups Weigh in on Cali Car Charging Rules: As the California Public Utilities Commission drafts rules related to the integration of battery-powered cars into the state’s electrical grid, one of the biggest questions is whether the commission should regulate Better Place, Coulomb Technologies and other third-party providers of electricity for EVs. — NYT’s Green Inc.

Morgan Solar Raises $4.7M Series A: Toronto-based Mogan Solar, working on concentrated solar photovoltaic panels, has raised $4.7 million from investors including Spanish energy giant Iberdrola Group, as well as Nypro and Turnstone Capital management. — peHUB

The Silver Lining of Traffic Jams: “Green Metropolis” author David Owen argues: “Traffic jams, if they’re managed well, can actually be good for the environment. They maintain a level of frustration that turns drivers into subway riders or pedestrians.” — Wall Street Journal via Planetizen

LG Debuts Solar-Powered e-Book Reader: LG Display Co Ltd has developed a solar cell to fit with the 6-inch display panel for e-book readers currently mass produced by the company. — Tech-On via Greentech Media

Same Old Problem (Profitability) at the New GM: General Motors is still taking in less money than it spends. Unless that changes, the odds of the automaker “de-nationalizing itself are less than the chances that GM lifer and CEO Fritz Henderson will introduce accountability into GM’s cancerous corporate culture.” — Truth About Cars

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