3 Reasons Why I Love Larry the Oracle

45465143_5f8704c2d3_mIf you follow me on Twitter, then you know I am less than thrilled by the chaos created by LarryStock, aka Oracle OpenWorld, in San Francisco each year. The annual conference causes traffic jams and attracts enormous crowds that collectively jam up everything here in the city’s SOMA neighborhood. Add in those ghastly Oracle OpenWorld buses and what you have is almost madness. That said, there are many upsides to the event, with Larry’s politically incorrect keynotes leading the list. He didn’t disappoint this year and last night he dropped some choice ones, focusing his ire on IBM, the company he loves to hate. Here are three of my favorites:

On IBM’s eco-friendly smarter world campaign:

“I don’t know what building a smarter world means. We’re going to focus on building smarter computers.”

On benchmark studies that claim IBM’s servers are anything but eco-friendly:

“Sun’s processor is called SPARC…IBM’s processor is called Power. Now we know why.”

On MySQL and its future:

“When we bought InnoDB people speculated they would kill InnoBD. We bought InnoBD to make it better and make some money along the way. That’s how we feel about MySQL.”

Photo of Larry Ellison courtesy of Eddie Awad via Flickr