No Video for Twitter and No Twitter for Miley

Couple blips you may have missed if you were offline this weekend:

The Telegraph reported Sunday that Twitter would soon support video tweets, claiming without sourcing that “Twitter’s founders hope by adding live video-tweeting it will help boost its prominence as a fashionable social-networking tool again.” Twitter co-founder Biz Stone disputed the report in no uncertain terms, telling Mashable via email, “Haven’t read the piece but no video hosting. 140 characters of text including spaces. You know the drill!”

Elsewhere in the intersection of Twitter and video, teen queen Miley Cyrus posted a rap on YouTube (s GOOG) about why she shut down her Twitter account. “The reasons are simple, I started Tweeting ’bout pimples; I stopped living for moments, and started living for people.”

OK, so I’ll agree it’s ridiculous to consider this a news story, but I have to admire Cyrus’ chops; she executes a fantastically low-fi explanatory music video complete with back-up dancers in shower stalls. With YouTube partner ads on some 1,750,000 views over the weekend, how long till Cyrus ditches Disney? OK, purely hypothetical at this point, but it’s not that far off. She may have to rejoin Twitter, though.