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Keeping Up With Smartphones

Thanks to Apple’s iPhone and the iPhone App Store, the mobile Internet has become a breeding ground of innovation. From fantastic smartphones to Internet devices to thousands of tiny apps, mobile has never been this exciting. Knowing that many of you lead busy lives, GigaOM’s network of blogs features five weekly columns that keep you abreast of the latest in the world of Android, BlackBerry, Palm’s WebOS, iPhone OS and netbooks. Here is a quick recap of these columns:

* Android This Week by James Kendrick, co-editor of jkOnTheRun, is published every Saturday on GigaOM. Here is a link to the latest edition.

* The Netbook Report by Kevin Tofel, co-editor of jkOnTheRun, is published every Tuesday on GigaOM. Here is the link to the latest edition.

* WinMo Wrap by Kendrick is published every Saturday on jkOnTheRun. Here is a link to the latest edition.

* Palm Press by Kendrick is published every Thursday on jkOnTheRun.

* iPhone Informer by Tofel is published every Wednesday on jkOnTheRun.

* TheAppleBlog’s Weekly App Store Picks by Olly Farshi is published every Saturday on TheAppleBlog.

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In addition to these special columns, we have extensive coverage of the mobile Internet. If you are a subscriber to our GigaOM Pro service ($79 a year for a subscription), then you also have access to in-depth reports from analysts such as Chetan Sharma and Dr. Phil Hendrix. Mobile curator Colin Gibbs keeps GigaOM Pro subscribers abreast of the latest in mobile on an almost daily basis.

We are going to be releasing a consolidated feed for all things smartphone and will be creating a special dedicated site for you to keep up with the business. If you have any suggestions, please send them our way.

3 Responses to “Keeping Up With Smartphones”

  1. Very informative post – nice insight into the Smartphone market.

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    We think it’s a good deal too; $20/mo for 4 accounts, $5 for each account after that.

  2. How come there is no column for Symbian? You may discount them as a dying platform, but they own about 50% of the market and will do so for a long time still. Or is this typical American, “not invented here”, syndrome.