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Le Twittre Translation Comes Courtesy Of La Twitterati

Twitter has raised $155 million to date. That’s enough to hire a few damned good translators. But, as it starts down the “localisation” path trodden by many a Valley startup, the service is instead asking its users to volunteer their translation services.

Twitter wants to translate its site to French, Italian, German, and Spanish (more languages may follow), co-founder Biz Stone wrote.

But – typical of many geeks, who will never take the easy route of hiring a contractor when leveraging a social graph will do – Stone says he’s “offering a simple tool for people with experience in other languages to suggest translations for the Twitter website”.

This is the same tactic deployed by Netlog in 2007 and by Facebook last year.

Speaking of which, Facebook has hired away’s former German SVP Scott Woods to head its German biz dev and advertising operations, Kress reports (via TCUK).

3 Responses to “Le Twittre Translation Comes Courtesy Of La Twitterati”

  1. Chris Gnut

    Great to see Twitter is becoming more aggressive in expanding globally. Should be clarified that this feature will help twitter specifically localize their UI (eg.-menu items, field names, site copy). The real benefit in going global occurs when all of your content (eg. – user generated data, articles, etc) can be translated automatically to attract global visitors.

    I decided to do this automatically with my website fairly recently. I was able to not only translate my domestic content automatically for visitors, but my content was automatically indexed and page ranked in search engines greatly boosting my original global traffic (e.g.- page views) by several times.

    There are different tools that accomplish this, some better than others (I have personally found success with Nonetheless, nice to see more attention being placed on this important topic.