Android This Week — Look Out, Symbian; UK Gets Motorola's Dext


gigaom_icon_google-androidThere’s no question that Android is the hottest smartphone platform right now. Handsets running Android are being announced almost every day, and industry analyst Gartner projects phenomenal growth for the OS. Android, which currently claims a mere 2 percent of the smartphone market, will grab a smooth 14 percent of the market by 2012, Gartner predicts. This will see the operating system pass the BlackBerry and the hip iPhone in market share. Most of this share will be taken from Symbian, as Nokia (s nok) continues to slide.

Also, Motorola (s mot) last month announced the Cliq as its first Android handset, and that outside the U.S. the phone would be called the Dext and released later. It turns out later really means sooner, as the Dext went up for sale in the UK this week. The Cliq will be available in the U.S. on Oct. 19 on the T-Mobile network.

Meanwhile, Acer’s previously announced and later canceled Android netbook that dual boots with Windows XP is back on again and will soon be hitting shelves, according to the company. We’re not sure why anyone would want a netbook that runs both OSes, but Acer didn’t ask us. This would be the first netbook running Android, so we’ll watch it closely to see what the advantages might be over conventional Windows. Extended battery life would be a plus in the cheap notebook market.



I think you have not heard of Maemo at all.
It is new (as much as Android was new at one time) and its potential is big. Whether it lives up to the potential is another matter, but while reporting if all youcan see is established players and platforms (like Android and Symbian) then you are not really doing any leading reporting at all.

The whole smartphone markets is now in a state of buzz and Maemo is one of them.
Please do the homework and find out what Maemo is if you do not know.

Derek Kerton

Meh. I had a Maemo tablet from Nokia a couple of years ago, and was quite unimpressed. Seemed more like a science project than a consumer device. If it shipped with a EE degree, it might have been more usable.


As as iPhone user, I was clearly impressed by the HTC Hero. It is almost there. Shame that it doesnt have an App Store which can compete with Apple’s app store.
We should see more developers developing on the Android platform if more Smartphones and handheld devices like Archos device start using Android.
I still feel that Google was just a few months too late to join the party. Imagine a free OS but all apps purchased through Android market with Google taking a 20% cut. That should rake in few billion in the next few years.


I totally agree, the G1 was clearly a bad joke, heavy , bulky and with a slow processor but as a developer of android apps I can clearly say that apple has a good reason to be scared, cause when it comes to programming things has never been easier for us. Look at all upcoming android phones at


This site is full of typos – they need someone who can proof-read.

Samsung > Monent exiting < features…

Where is the 'news' about G-1 or myTouch?

And when was the site last updated? Last December and then jump to yesterday (at least with the inclusion of 3 phones)?

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