Vid-Biz: Soulja Boy, Outrigger, Visible Gains

Soulja Boy Arrested; YouTube-driven star was apparently shooting a music video in a vacant house. (Associated Press)

Warner Music Group Outsources Ad Sales; the label using Veoh spin-off Outrigger Media to monetize online video. (AdAge)

PermissionTV Renames Itself Visible Gains; company drops out of competition with Brightcove and thePlatform to focus on B2B marketing. (Contentinople)

Netflix Subscribers Go for Value; today’s most popular plans are the lowest-priced ones (which include unlimited streaming); CEO says traditional DVDs will be king for only two more years. (Video Business)

Microsoft Gives Smooth Streaming to Everyone; IIS Media Services 3.0 released today, same as what’s already been used for Sunday Night Football and Wimbledon. (Silverlight blog)

YouTube Close to Signing Channel 4; British broadcaster would give the site full episodes and sell its own ads. (Telegraph) In other premium content news, the site got (U.S. only) access to Taxi Driver yesterday via its relationship with Sony’s Crackle. (YouTube blog)