Photoshop Smiles on the the iPhone


adobe-photoshop-iphoneAdobe hit the iPhone as a free install from the iTunes App Store today. The software (iTunes link) provides only the basics for editing, but ties into Adobe’s online service that I stumbled upon during my 60-day web challenge last summer. After editing photos on the iPhone, you can upload them to your album in the cloud, or you can view those albums on your handset. Adobe offers 2GB of free photo storage with the service.

I used the app briefly and it offers enough features for the download to try:

  • Crop, rotate and flip
  • Exposure, saturation, tint and black & white
  • Sketch and soft focus
  • Effects of vibrant, pop, border, vignette blur, warm vintage and rainbow

Most of the effects are utilized by swiping your finger — a left swipe reduces an effect while a right swipe increases it. I took an iPhone photo from a recent trip to Bushkill Falls with Barb and liked the final results. Here’s the original pic with the various menus and effects to give you a visual idea. Is it the best photo editing app on the iPhone? Doubtful. But for casual photo users that want to snap and edit pics for online viewing moments later, it’s quite usable.


Chris R

All I can say is meh.

Plenty of other apps that do the same thing. Sorry Adobe, I love your products but this one I can do without.


Not only did you get a theme redesign, you’re using galleries – woo! Regarding the app, it’s OK and will put some of the third party ones with similar effects out of business. Fun for kids and amateurs, those of us with desktop editing tools probably won’t bother. Maybe cropping and emailing a spontaneous photo, but other than that I don’t know. I’m glad I can use it without the web account.

James Kendrick

We’ve had galleries for a while but just wait for the cool gallery that’s being developed right now. :) Also, dig the new commenting system that handles threads much better.



can you add multiple photos onto the same “layer”? Is it possible to shrink a second picture (a logo) and put it on top of the original picture.

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