A Procedure List Can Make Sure You Get Things Done

procedure 3x5If you’re into pen-and-paper productivity, Daryl Furuyama over at WhiteHatBlackBox has produced this neat numbered procedure list for recording recurring tasks. Daryl uses the example of cleaning the bathroom, but you could use it to record any work-related task, too, like your weekly backup or a client handover. By recording recurring procedures, you can keep your to-do list tidy and simple (you only need to note the name of the procedure, not all of the steps that make it up), and make sure you complete the task correctly.

Once you’ve recorded the procedure, keep the it in a binder, so you can refer back to it whenever you’re doing the task, and never need to worry that you might be missing steps or doing them in the wrong order.

Daryl has kindly made the list available as a 3 x 5, 300 ppi PNG, so you can download it, print it out and start using it today.

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(via Lifehacker)