mocoNews Quick Hits 10.08.09

»  With its high data usage, AT&T (NYSE: T) doesn’t break even with an iPhone user until the 17th month of a 24-month contract. [CNET]

»  The third Android-based phone from Verizon (NYSE: VZ) will be MiFi-enabled. [Fierce Wireless]

»  Motorola (NYSE: MOT) has stopped making phones using the Linux-based OS, creating room for more Android-based handsets. [JK On The Run]

»  Most iPhone users are thrilled with their devices, even if the battery dies too quickly, according to J.D. Power and Associates. [Brainstorm Tech]

»  Broadband wireless company Dragonware has seen its revenue jump 236% over the last quarter, and is now profitable. [Cellular-News]

»  Trying to track down the clues in the T-Mobile “Project Black” mystery. [Gizmodo]