EA Gets Into Digital Books With FLIPS Launch In U.K.


As if there wasn’t enough digital and e-book hysteria from the international Kindle launch … *Electronic Arts* is dipping its toe into digital books, albeit for the younger generation, with the launch of FLIPS, a new line of books that kids can “read” using the handheld Nintendo DS. The company is partnering with Penguin Publishing and Edgmont in the U.K. for the release; no details on whether or when FLIPS will hit U.S. stores.

The FLIPS combine straight storytelling with quizzes, links and other interactive features; kids navigate through the books using the DS’ touchscreen and stylus. Each FLIPS pack will feature six to eight books, including tomes like Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl series, and cost £24.99; the launch comes just in time for the holiday season.

In a statement, Penguin Digital Publisher Jeremy Ettinghausen said the Nintendo DS’ tremendous install base — there were over 20 million of the devices sold in Europe as of January 2008 — made it an ideal platform to try. “Our job as publishers is to bring authors’ work to as many readers as possible, and we are increasingly looking at platforms other than the book to do so,” he said. Release.

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