What Will Greener Gadgets Look Like in the Future?

2009-electricity-usageFor the past two years, I’ve really been watching my electricity consumption, both for my mobile devices and my household in general. The effort has paid off as we’re down to just over 7,000 kwh annually, down from roughly 10,500 kwh. Trying out solar phone charging and buying Smart Strip power strips have made a positive impact. But the fact remains — there isn’t a tremendous “green” focus on the mobile device market as a whole.

That’s why I glad to see a three-fold increase in the Green IT Pavilion’s floor space for green gadgets at CEATAC this year. In a weekly update at GigaOM Pro (subscription required), Pedro Hernadez shares what some of the of the future green devices and technologies will look like. Wireless charging is one hot area poised for success as evidenced by my Palm Touchstone charger and Dell’s new Latitude Z with charging pad. And while some are excited by OLED displays on the ZuneHD and upcoming Android handsets, I didn’t realize that OLED lighting isn’t that far off. Manufacturing for such a product will roll in 2011 and is expected to be $6 billion industry in under seven years. While I wait for that, I’ll keep reading on my low powered Kindle2 under the CCFL bulbs in our home. That amazing e-book reader is lasting for nearly a month on each charge and I use it daily!


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