Twitoaster Opens Up API to Devs

twitoasterTwitoaster, which threads conversations on Twitter, is launching its open API today, allowing developers to integrate the service within their applications so that their users won’t have to piece together disjointed tweets. So far, Tweepz, a web site that lets you search for people on Twitter, is planning on using the API, which is available for free.

Twitoaster’s threading capability trumps offerings from rivals Tweader and Tweet Convo, so I don’t think it will be long before founder Arnaud Meunier sees other developers jumping on board. Other popular Twitter-focused apps that could benefit from the service include TweetDeck and Seesmic.

Meanwhile, Twitoaster is also unveiling a WordPress plug-in, which feeds Twitter replies about blog posts to the blog’s comments section. The plug-in includes two widgets: One that offers analytics on how many replies a post is generating, including the hour and/or day of the week it received the most replies, and another that lists the 20 most recent conversations about it.