The Party Line — Phone Buzz of the Day

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Here are some of today’s phone conversations I enjoyed reading or viewing on the web, along with some brief thoughts:

iphone-3gVerizon Hanging up on iPhone? (Computerworld) — That’s the sentiment now that Google and Verizon are buddy-buddy after this week’s announcement. The thought is that it simply doesn’t make sense to make a CMDA iPhone for Verizon when they’re moving towards the same LTE network platform as AT&T. I tend to agree with IDC on this one, but not just for the technology reason. I’m thinking that Verizon will push the coverage and quality of their network along with the more open nature of Android. Essentially, they’ll say “iPhone owners, the phone is only as good as its network, so when you’re ready for a comparable phone that doesn’t drop calls or choke on 3G usage, let us know.”

Nokia N900N900 gets a sneak peak at Maemo Summit (UMPC Portal) — Steve Paine spent an hour with Nokia’s newest future handset and I always like a hands-on opinion when I can find one for a device. I’ve mentioned this smartphone quite a bit of late, but that’s because Nokia’s smartphone future might depend on it and the operating system.

Google makes it easier to find things (Google Mobile) — Owners of webOS, Android or Apple handsets can find new search features in Google today. At the top right of your search results, you’ll see an Options link. This is similar to the one found on the full web, although slightly more limited due to space. With one tap, you can filter mobile search results by time of publication, images, forums or reviews. Every time I turn around, Google makes the mobile experience more like the desktop experience. That consistency — regardless of device — continues to be one of their strengths.


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I agree with the VZW/LTE/iPhone assessment. I assumed earlier this year that once VZW stated they were going to LTE and ATT is doing the same, Apple would wait on LTE in the US. However, I am really waiting to see how Android rolls out on VZW. Given their past, I wonder just how “open” Android will be on VZW??

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