Mossberg on Windows 7 vs OS X — “A Toss Up”

windows-7-logoOver the past two years, each time I saw a review of Microsoft Windows, I wanted to wave my hands around like a Jedi. “These aren’t the reviews you’re looking for…” is what I’d say while appearing to concentrate heavily. Sadly, this never seemed to work — apparently, I need more time honing my mind tricks at the Jedi Academy. Luckily, there’s no magic needed for the latest overview of Windows 7 by Walt Mossberg:

In recent years, I, like many other reviewers, have argued that Apple’s Mac OS X operating system is much better than Windows. That’s no longer true. I still give the Mac OS a slight edge because it has a much easier and cheaper upgrade path; more built-in software programs; and far less vulnerability to viruses and other malicious software, which are overwhelmingly built to run on Windows.

Now, however, it’s much more of a toss-up between the two rivals. Windows 7 beats the Mac OS in some areas, such as better previews and navigation right from the taskbar, easier organization of open windows on the desktop and touch-screen capabilities. So Apple will have to scramble now that the gift of a flawed Vista has been replaced with a reliable, elegant version of Windows.”

Although we’ve been covering and using Windows 7 since the first beta nearly a year ago, I recommend this overview at the All Things Digital. Aside from the personal opinions offered, Mossberg provides a solid list of the major new features and functions in Windows 7.

I have to agree with him on the usefulness of the new Taskbar features as well. I’m enjoying the Aero Peek and Jump Lists features more than the updated Dock functions in Snow Leopard. That’s not a reason to switch from one operating system to the other; just an observation in the way I use my computer. Besides, I have the best of both worlds after upgrading my MacBook is with 4GB of memory. Using Parallels Desktop for Mac 4.0, I’m running Windows 7 and Mac OS X Snow Leopard at the same time throughout the day. Sometimes the best choice is the one you don’t have to make!


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