iTunes Alternative DoubleTwist Offers MP3 Store


doubleTwistWe’ve covered doubleTwist in the past, and for a time I even used it as my primary media management solution on my Mac, until iTunes 9 drew my wondering eye back to familiar territory. Now there’s even reason to go back to the iTunes competitor, as doubleTwist has just introduced Amazon (s amzn) MP3 store compatibility.

doubleTwist already offers the ability to sync with pretty much any device, instead of just your standard Apple (s aapl) i-devices. And with Amazon support, there’s little reason for many to venture back to iTunes, especially since Amazon’s prices are often better than those found in Apple’s own online store.

It wasn’t too long ago that doubleTwist’s “DVD” Jon Johansen was taking flack from BART for buying legit advertising space at a very conspicuous location, and then using it to promote the iTunes competitor. With the introduction of the Amazon store, we should see that competition heat up even further.

The new Music Store looks like a very stripped-down iTunes store, and though it isn’t as fancy as Apple’s, it is clean and functional, and it doesn’t cause the program to occasionally fail, as iTunes has been known to do. It pales in comparison to the iTunes store in terms of navigation options, though, with a search bar and two small Top Albums and Top Songs lists providing your only means of browsing the Amazon catalog.

doubletwist_storeThe main advantage, of course, comes for people who don’t own an iPod or iPhone (some really do exist, honest). Plug in your BlackBerry, PSP, Android phone, and any number of other supported devices, and you can immediately copy over your purchased media. You miss out on Genius playlists and other iTunes niceties, but if you don’t have an iPod, that probably isn’t an issue anyway.

It may be a small step towards making doubleTwist a full-fledged competitor to iTunes, but having a major player like Amazon onboard is nothing to sneeze at. Ideally, the next step for DVD Jon and his open alternative for the i-device deficient would be to form a partnership with major video media distributors, especially given that doubleTwist automatically converts video when it syncs to most major devices, including the PSP and the Palm Pre.

In fact, Palm could do far worse than doubleTwist in an official partnership to provide its users a dedicated software solution for syncing media instead of continuing to play leapfrog with Apple over iTunes. I’m sure something could be arranged, so long as Palm agreed to keep the software open to other devices as well.

For now, the Amazon store is only available for the OS X version of doubleTwist, but a Windows version is coming soon. You must have an account with a registered payment method in order to use the service.


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I looking forward to download DoubleTwist and really hopeful that it really works for my device and I also want to get connected with Amazon MP3 store.


This info was very helpful. Your no nonsense approach is fresh and new. Thanks for your blog about this very important issue.


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DoubleTwist is the reason I want an Android device (Though not a Phone). There is still so much that DoubleTwist needs though. Like Podcasts, easy access to Creative Commons stuff, easy way to manage Android apps, Palm WebOS apps. This thing could be seriously huge. Maybe allow plugins for the latter (Android & Palm app management)


I actually downloaded DoubleTwist yesterday, used it for about five minutes. I’m sure it might be nice if I had one of the phones it’s compatible with, but as is, it’s just a more complicated way to access the Amazon MP3 store. Amazon’s web interface gives you *so* many more search options than DoubleTwist, it’s not even worth booting it.

Bottom line: five minutes was enough to decide to reclaim the wasted hard drive space.


Funny, I just downloaded this yesterday too. I didn’t even get as far as checking out the Amazon store. After wrestling with the DoubleTwist registration and login for about 10 minutes (really? I need an account just to play music?), it crashed, and left me with a crash report window. I clicked send, and waited.

I went back into the app after a while, and tried to find and play a new album I bought. First thing I noticed was that you can’t type a letter in the “browser” columns to skip to that letter in the artist list, which would natural behavior in, well, pretty much any other application I’ve ever used. So after manually scrolling down to the artist I wanted, and past countless artists which have named that begin with “The” listed under “T,” I got to the artist I wanted. Selected them. Selected the new album. Found that all the tracks were out of order, and for some reason duplicated, even though they surely aren’t in iTunes or on my computer.

At this point I decided, wow, this isn’t worth the effort, closed the app and opened up iTunes again.

Oh yea, and the topper? Remember that crash log window I mentioned earlier? Turns out it never sent the log. I couldn’t close it through any normal means, and it wasn’t even listed in the force-quit menu. I had to use terminal to kill the application.

So yea, my conclusion is that I will be staying as far away from this application as possible, thanks. A lot of people dump on iTunes as being slow and bloated, among other things, but it’s still the best music player and organizer I’ve ever used.


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