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How We Live Blogged the 9.9.09 Apple Media Event

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I have always been curious about what kind of tools people have used to liveblog events (especially those involving Apple). As many of you readers know, Apple recently held a media event on 9.9.09. I jumped on the opportunity to attend and represent TheAppleBlog. Naturally, one of my responsibilities was to liveblog everything.

Here’s the plan that was put together:



  • CoverItLive
  • Text messaging
  • Email
  • Flickr
  • Adium
  • Eye-Fi Manager

Josh Pigford, TheAppleBlog’s editor, manned the computer to keep up a constant stream of updates on Twitter and  CoverItLive, an awesome liveblogging tool. Before I had access to a Wi-Fi network, I used my iPhone to send Josh text messages and email photos. I was warned by several other attendees that Wi-Fi never holds up during events. The proof? Everyone there appeared to have a 3G card for their laptops. I was extremely concerned, but at least I had my iPhone as a backup.

Once the press were allowed to check in and move closer to the building, I whipped out my Macbook Pro and jumped on the Wi-Fi network. I had to configure the Eye-Fi card so my Canon G10 would automatically upload photos as I took them. Configuring the card was quick and easy (thanks Eye-Fi!). The photos would be uploaded to Eye-Fi and then immediately sent to my Flickr account for Josh to grab.

Eventually we were allowed to enter and take our seats.  The end result was a comical combination of high and low tech. While photos were uploading (over the surprisingly reliable Wi-Fi network) I typed out virtually everything said on stage to Josh over AOL Instant Messenger (Adium). It was his responsibility to interpret and publish my never-ending stream of consciousness writing style into something you could read through via CoverItLive. I was surprised to see how much he let through (including my comments about Phil Schiller dancing in his seat).

I hope you all enjoyed the coverage, and if you have any suggestions on how to improve for next time please leave a comment.

3 Responses to “How We Live Blogged the 9.9.09 Apple Media Event”

  1. Adam Jackson

    How awesome. I’ve done over 20 liveblogs for Apple events and my setup is so scary in similarities.

    1. MacBook Air (previously a pro)
    2. Canon G10 + 4GB Eye-Fi Explore w/ Geotagging
    3. Verizon Mi-Fi (two guys can share an EVDO connection via WiFi)
    4. iPhone.

    iPhone does video & quick shots emailed into someone at the office. Eye-Fi doing remote uploads instantly and is connected to the Mi-Fi modem. MBP w/ iChat & WordPress doing updates to someone back home and the blog.

    I’ve tried CoverItLive but I don’t do ti enough to really get into using that software.