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Comparing Video Platforms: Ooyala Gets Live, Extend Amps Up Paid

With video platform companies adding more bells and whistles and claiming to do everything a content maker could ever want, lately it takes a little more work to see which rig is right for your needs. But that dilemma’s being somewhat eased by VidCompare, a new informational site about white-label video offerings. We’d resisted writing about VidCompare because it’s run by a guy who’s VP of marketing at white-label video competitor Fliqz, but in the last month found multiple occasions to use the site as a reference.

Speaking of adding bells and whistles, two video platforms today made new feature announcements. To check on how their revised offerings stack up, you might want to visit VidCompare. Here’s the news:

Ooyala released live-streaming, including real-time analytics. Live is still one of those categories where there are dedicated companies (for instance — full disclosure — our parent company uses Livestream for our conferences). But it’s definitely compelling to bring live into a full-featured platform like Ooyala’s, and align all your branding, advertising and analytics in one place. Ooyala said customers already using live streaming include Electronic Arts and the AVP beach volleyball tour. Here‘s VidCompare’s list of video platforms that offer live streaming.


Elsewhere, ExtendMedia filled out its monetization platform to better support all sorts of business models. Extend users can now enable commerce, subscription and pay media through options like conditional access, bundles, digital lockers, gift cards and many other options. Extend, whose customers tend to be larger media companies and network operators, has said it will power multiple “TV Everywhere” offerings for Tier 1 multichannel operators.

6 Responses to “Comparing Video Platforms: Ooyala Gets Live, Extend Amps Up Paid”

  1. Great article Liz. As a fledgling Video Platform, Vidcompare has been pretty valuable with our go to market strategy. As Matt suggested it’s kind of like the wild west out there. It’s just nice to have a space out there where we can compete side by side.



  2. Comparing video platforms and Internet video solutions is what our business is all about. We have been doing this for years now and have extensive market research collected from hundreds of solution evaluations, platform provider comparisons and are tracking our efforts in all of these engagements.

    While the feature list is one criteria are that can be used to compare providers, it should be done so carefully as understanding the back-end technical capabilities and architecture that support such features as Live Streaming is critical to a successful provider solution alignment. As well as understanding the immediate eco-system and how well the providers are positioning in their environment.

    The Video Platform market is insane right now, we are tracking 62 providers and have directly evaluated 27 media platforms to date. While we are not biased, we are objective and have identified clear leaders in this space. Essentially recommending providers on market position (where will they be 1-2 years from now), customer support, technical alignment, capabilities, cost and other client specific criteria. Depending on the individual needs of the client there is an overwhelming variety of providers and solutions to consider.

    Specifically when looking at live streaming solutions the capabilities, pricing and technologies range widely in the video market. The media platforms are only beginning to adopt live services and have a long way to go to best accommodate the different use-cases around live, such as their mobile strategy (device-based transcoding), live ad services (highly targeted), global reach live, capture, quality and so on. For companies looking into this we can be very efficient in advising here as we are specialized and have defined a service framework to benchmark video platforms against a client’s requirements and the Internet Video market.

    Liz, I would be happy to connect you with one of our senior advisors, that may present an excellent knowledge share opportunity.



  3. anonymouse

    Hmmm… Have you looked at the comparison site you mentioned in depth? I just clicked the link and livestream isnt listed… for video streaming… Neither is Ustream. The others are categorized as video marketing platforms – not sure what that means… Additionally, of the 5 searches I just did – Fliqz was there 4 times – coincidence?

    • Dear Anonymous,

      Thank you for your comment. VidCompare focuses on OVPs with white-label, on-demand services as their core competency, some of whom may offer live streaming solutions either directly or through partnerships with Livestream, etc. This is why you don’t see the pure-play, live streaming sites listed. That’s another directory which is coming soon. Regarding the Fliqz question, VidCompare is a data-driven business so any bias on the site will be in the data itself. Check the facts yourself, you will find absolutely NO bias whatsoever on the site.


      Kris Drey