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CeeVee: Resumes Done Right

CeeVee - quick & painless résumé managementIf you’re looking for work, whether a full-time position or a series of gigs, sooner or later you’ll need to send in a copy of your resume. This simple request can be the cause of a surprising number of problems. Depending on what type of software you used to write your resume, you may find that a prospective employer can’t open it, winds up with a corrupted copy or refuses to take the chance of opening a file that might contain a virus. One of the easiest solutions to these problems is posting your resume online and simply sending your prospective employer a link.

CeeVee simplifies the process of posting your resume online. The team behind CeeVee is working on developing more tools that will help employers and employees connect, but the minimalist approach to resume-building taken with CeeVee makes it a particularly useful tool.

CeeVee - quick & painless résumé management-1-1Your account, when you first log in, is essentially a fill-in-the-blanks resume. It has space for a small photo and your contact information, but the biggest sections are reserved for your summary, skills, experience and studies. If those sections don’t really match how your career has progressed, you can delete sections in the sidebar, as well as add sections like awards or languages. Filling in CeeVee’s resume is a fast process; the part that took longest for me was figuring out what dates I had actually worked in particular jobs.

There are other features for creating your resume, such as a selection of themes, allowing you to switch between modern, classic and plain text. The emphasis, however, is on simplicity: You’re on the site to get a resume written and up.

Once you’ve completed your resume on CeeVee, you can mark it as public. You can use a URL you’ve selected for it: ‘’ That sort of link will probably be a little more user-friendly for a prospective employer than a long, complex link. You can also use CeeVee to generate a PDF or to print your resume. In these cases, you’ll wind up with a professional-looking resume with a clean layout.

CeeVee - quick & painless résumé management-3-1If you’re trying to get your resume out and around to as many people as possible, just in case someone in your social network has a lead on a job, CeeVee provides several resume-sharing tools. The site can generate code for a badge for your own blog or web site. You can also share your resume on Twitter or Facebook with one click.

The simplicity behind CeeVee is a major benefit when you look at the many resume sharing sites already available. Some offer you the opportunity to gather recommendations from your past colleagues or earn verifications from your employer, but if you need to get a resume up in time for that phone interview you have in an hour, those features aren’t going to help you. And for employers that may not be as comfortable with social media, CeeVee’s straightforward approach will be much easier to manage. The site’s tagline is “quick and painless resume management” and CeeVee lives up to it.

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10 Responses to “CeeVee: Resumes Done Right”

  1. Hey guys, check out I know it looks utilitarian with it’s basic theme, but I will be allowing users to upload stylesheet/image clusters that will let them skin the way it looks, as well as give people the ability to free form their content. Our philosophy is more of an open / Twitter like philosophy. Mash up with our APIs (slowly being documented), or export your resume in XML or YAML, and throw it up however you’d like. Your feedback is appreciated!

  2. I agree with the first comment from Andy. Having a resume that is just one of the crow is a big deficit. Your resume needs to stand out and show potential employers that you put some real effort into it. I wrote an article about this a little while ago: Resume: A Tale of Desire, Intrigue, and Formatting

    I’m also curious, do people have trouble sending PDFs? I’ve been assuming PDF is pretty close to a ubiquitous format and it does a very good job formatting a resume.

  3. Seems like this is a good service if you want a cookie-cutter résumé that looks like everybody else’s. But job coaches say you should individualize your résumé for every job application to emphasize what THEY are looking for.

    Plus the example of having to produce a résumé for an interview in an hour is silly. When you rush creating a résumé you are bound to make typos and errors that make you look less than professional.

    Also, the CeeVee site gives no samples of what their résumés look like. There are better free sites like Raveal and VisualCV which allow you to add multimedia and other tools to show your unique sales proposition. CeeVee looks like they’re not ready for primetime, IMO.