Android Market — Camera, Compass Required


archos_lead_w500ARCHOS is pushing the envelope where its Android (s goog) Internet Tablets are concerned. Putting the phone OS on a web tablet is an interesting use of the Android platform, and early reviews of the devices are starting to trickle out onto the web. When ARCHOS first announced the tablets, it also pushed its own app store to carry programs more appropriate for the tablet format. I wondered at the logic behind that decision, and information coming out now makes me wonder if the company had no choice in the matter of opening a special store. According to one review (linked above), Google would not allow the Android Market to be included on the tablets due to their lack of both a camera and an integrated compass.

“Without a camera or a compass Google wouldn’t give the green light to this product so don’t expect any Market Place action.”

This is the first I’ve heard of this requirement by Google, and since many enterprises won’t allow phones with cameras to come on-site, this could be a factor in Android adoption for them.



The other thing I read just today is that this is NOT a licensed Android OS. They are using the Open Source free version — something apparently different than the Official Google Version.

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Look: Aldiko can do (non-DRMed) ePub eBooks:

And it can pair with your BT KB & mouse out of the box!

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James Kendrick

Just reporting what is being said about it. Re: the compass thing- phones can triangulate with cell towers to provide a LBS/ compass thing. Without the cell phone stuff it can’t be done without an actual compass. Maybe that’s how the Pulse handles it, who knows?


It’s not camera/compass.
Archos has only sw buttons (Home, Back and Menu) but it’s required to have also trackpad or some navigation pad and Send/End keys for phones.


Isn’t Archos famous for selling a basic device and then charging for the extra pieces to add features (all ironically based on open source software)?

One thing I am very curious about: My market apps that I have purchased are always available to me on my G1, even if I reflash the OS. This means they are tied to my Google account. What happens if I buy a second Android device and sign on to it with the same account?


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