Warner Music Hands Over Video Ad Sales To Outrigger

My Chemical Romance

Warner Music Group (NYSE: WMG) has a vision for how it’s going to make money with digital content this time around — and it includes a few key tech platforms and sales partners. On the sales end in the U.S., the company is giving the reins to Outrigger Media, a New York-based video ad sales and marketing firm. Outrigger will sell ads and sponsorships for WMG’s video content on the label’s own properties, third-party sites like YouTube, as well as other digital media platforms.

Outrigger is headed up by former Veoh sales SVP Mike Henry; the firm also sells what’s left of Veoh’s ad inventory, as well as Next New Networks, mobile ad firm Transpera and Michael Eisner’s Vuguru. With its YouTube deal freshly inked, WMG will get the chance to see how well Outrigger reps its inventory very quickly.

Michael Nash, WMG’s EVP of digital strategy and business development, tells AdAge that the company wanted to turn the video ad sales over to “a group of dedicated pros” rather than attempting to do it in house. This echoes statements made by other WMG execs about the company’s shift back to focusing on creating the entertainment and content — not the the sales, or the tech platforms that the content would show up on. In August, for example, WMG expanded its use of Eos, the Cisco-powered white-label social network/digital music service. Release.

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