Independent Chooses Paid Content Model


While consumer-facing newspapers dither over whether or not to charge for content, one independent regional site is getting on with it. Food and entertainment site is planning to charge readers either £4.50 or £7.50 a month to read its news and reviews and get exclusive dining offers, as How-Do reports.

The free site claims 260,000 weekly users and 94,000 email subscribers, who are being surveyed to find out how much they would pay. Founder Mark Garner tells How-Do he’s always planned to charge: “We now believe we’re at a stage where the size, loyalty and quality of our readership is such that a significant number will be prepared to pay for the service we provide,” he says. For him the ad-funded business model “just does not work…as an industry we can’t survive purely on advertising revenue”.

The site’s parent company Planet Confidential also publishes sister sites in Liverpool and Leeds as well as jobs and property sites.

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